About Us

Dr. Stephen Ball is a Chiropractor serving the communities of Federal Way, Fife, Brown’s Point, Des Moines, and Auburn in Washington.

If you’re considering a visit to a Federal Way Chiropractor, Ball Chiropractic Center is the place for you!

In practice as well as on-line, we strive for excellence through superior patient care, education, and wellness.

While many patients seek our help for conditions such as headaches, neck and low back pain — many just want to enjoy the benefits of regular care to prevent future problems.

Is Chiropractic Right For You?

For some, deciding to see a chiropractor means that they are in pain and are tired of taking medications without lasting relief. For others, they have another health condition that they’re hoping to handle in a natural way.

We only accept patients for care we sincerely believe we can help,
but you might be surprised as to why patients consult with Dr. Ball.


Here Are Just Some Of The Conditions We’ve Treated

In addition to helping auto and work injuries, we’ve helped patient suffering with headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, and low back pain.

We’ve also helped with disc problems, sciatica, and shoulder pain. Patients have also looked for help with chronic heartburn and forward head posture.

Do any of the above conditions sound like you? We want to find out if we can help!

Call our office today at 253-838-6909 and set up an initial, no-charge, no-obligation consultation to determine if chiropractic care is the right choice for your condition.

Yours in health,

Stephen W. Ball, D.C., P.S.

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